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Quality, Integrity, Agility & Ability: core values that represent the four cornerstones on which our company’s pillars are founded.

Since its humble beginnings, SAMISEC has remained firmly faithful to its beliefs and profoundly anchored in a philosophical tradition that venerates and rewards excellence while actively fights against the debilitating burden of mediocrity.

We uphold Integrity, for we passionately believe truthfulness and transparency, are indispensible to forging a successful and long lasting relationship.

Unlike many of its peers, SAMISEC, does not, and will not, get lured into the misguided practice of hoodwinking or misleading clients into unnecessary purchases of either products or services; Our reputation is as crucial to us as the clients’ own interests.

As a leading Algerian Industrial procurement and solutions company, it has been our stated and practiced policy to solely recommend equipment of recognized superior quality that offers genuine value to our client, irrespective of their size and sector.

Our distinct ability to serve each client with robust products and customized solutions has been central to the double-digit growth that SAMISEC has enjoyed for more than a decade.

Today, we stand proud, of having been entrusted by hundreds of satisfied clients, many of whom count us as a strategic long-term supply partner and come to us year after year, not only as a supplier of top quality equipment, but, also, of professional and impartial technical advice.

Indeed, our reputation is of such standing, that we are regularly sought after by established industrial manufacturers, for representation and partnership in our market;

Although such success is attributed in no small part to our leadership’s clear vision, undoubtedly, the beating heart of our company remains our loyal and highly dedicated staff; their role and contribution cannot be overstated.

We endeavour to continue serving, with passion and conviction, both our clients and our country, with great quality, utmost ability, total integrity and timely agility.

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