Service Agreements

For Clients Interested in securing maximum value out of their fixed Capital Investment, or/and for those with limited in-house resources, SAMISEC is able to offer Service Agreements as follows:

  • Sale Maintenance: 

This category is aimed, at clients wishing to secure a particular service level for the maintenance of equipment out of the standard or extended warranty or for a level of depth of support, not otherwise stipulated by the terms of the guarantees or warrantees.

The service under this category is executed by our Professional and Technical Services Division, with the assistance and support of our spare parts and maintenance products department.

  • Post Sale Training:            

Through its Technical and Professional Services Division, SAMISEC makes available to interested clients, its significant pool of expertise, by agreeing on an ad-hoc or systematic training schedule with the aim of upgrading specific skill sets of the client’s in-house personnel. 

Similarly, in collaboration with the client, SAMISEC is able to institute a suitable assessment and selection programme as to permit its clients to choose the most suitable candidates for the skill-development agreement. This, of course, would ensure maximum return on investment for the client.

  • Combined Agreement:

This is a Hybrid Agreement combining the best of both worlds.  Under this category the client benefits from the maximum peace of mind Possible as well as maximum ROI, in that both benefits of the Maintenance and Training agreements are merged in a master agreement.

SAMISEC is able to customize such S.L.A (Service Level Agreement) to the specific parameters of individual clients.

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