Through a long standing exclusive partnership with one of Europe’s leading, Gen-Set manufacturers, SAMISEC has supplied and continues to supply the full range of the ONIS-VISA time-tested, highly respected and well engineered generators. For over half a century the VISA generators have been manufactured and rigorously tested in Italy to uncompromising standards utilizing only original, best of breed, fully traceable components from the world’s leading suppliers. Today, VISA generators are found in all four corners of the globe and have been deployed extensively and successfully in some of the harshest environments across the planet.


In addition to our standard offer of VISA power-generators we are able to evaluate any specific needs on an ad-hoc or bespoke basis including projects requiring specially engineered power sets with a high level of customisation and in-depth know how and support. Moreover, thanks to its privileged access to major manufacturers, SAMISEC is capable of securing and rapidly supplying superior-value power generating equipment, in line with the client’s own brand or type preference such as CAT or gas generators.


SAMISEC offers its institutional and private clients an extensive range of outstanding quality material handling equipment for every conceivable application. Through its solid partnership with, MANITEX LIFTKING, one of North America’s leading material handling manufacturers, SAMISEC is able to offer its clients a full and comprehensive range of all terrain trucks including heavy duty and extreme applications forklifts as well as cranes and special purpose vehicles and mobile loading platforms capable of transporting excessively heavy loads. SAMISEC can also supply premier quality Industrial forklifts for a very wide range applications including special purpose machines.


SAMISEC is proud to offer its esteemed clientele and any party interested in acquiring a pre-owned asset, a wide and excellent range of well maintained, high quality power generation equipment as well as robust material handling trucks and civil engineering machinery and tools. For specific requirement and up to date information, kindly contact us either by phone or Email.


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