LIGHT TOWER 0  lighting towers were created to face the increasing requests of temporary light sources, to be powerful, secure and easily transportable. They consist of a soundproofed electricity generator, mounted on a trailer, from 9.0 to 20.0 kVA, assembled with a specific single phase or three-phase diesel engine and a lighting tower, made of galvanized steel and equipped with a hydraulic or manual raising/lowering system that reaches the maximum height of 9 mt.

They are very compact, yet easy to use. Tower rotation, for instance, that is arranged manually and provided with mechanical safety lock, is 340° , allowing the lightning of the entire area surrounding the machine without moving it constantly. The 4-6 lamps can be halogen or metal halide allowing to illuminate a surface of more than 7000 square meters.

The presence of gensets allows the continuous supply of the lamps, as well as additional energy to supply other small loads. The electrical panels allow the command, control and protection, in accordance to the international standard rules and specifications.

Because of their functionality and reliability, mobile lighting towers are used in the most different places such as construction yards, road works, ports, airports, industrial plants and they are appreciated in various other applications (construction companies, outdoor events, exhibitions, concerts, fire-fighters, civil protection..).

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