Field Service

What sets SAMISEC apart from many of its peers, is the service-ethos in which our company is deeply anchored.

Being a power generation company, we at SAMISEC understand that down-time of an asset such as a STANDBY-GENSET could lead to infinitely grater cost than downtime in the context of material handling or construction related equipment.

Indeed while any loss of asset-availability is traditionally calculated in financial terms, the cost of the loss or unavailability of power could transcend the tangible financial context into intangible incalculable cost as would the case be with loss of life as a result of failure of an ICU or absence of service to a critical AC/ventilation system on which depend the vulnerable and elderly.

That is why, at SAMISEC, we have always considered technical and field service the backbone to our company’s offering; No wonder then, that many of our country’s critical operators in the medical, paramedical, educational and national defence sectors have voted for us by placing their total trust, time and again, in our highly mobile rapid intervention teams of honourable and expert engineers ,always willing to go the extra mile , well beyond the call of duty, to ensure that our clients remain well served and our country well protected.

SAMISEC offers a framework of service level agreements to best fit the individual circumstances and address the specific needs of it valuable clients; SAMISEC invites you to consult our service agreements section or, better still, contact us for a specific appraisal of your needs. 

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